DentoPlan offers training programs for teams

Optimal use of DentoPlan platform

How to efficiently complete your credit applications with our new online form. 

Are you new to DentoPlan?


Do you have a new employee in charge of credit applications?

Schedule a 30-minute training session to learn how to efficiently use our new platform and online form.

You want to support your employees with their communications about financing with patients?

Offer them a session with a certified PCC business coach. Sometimes all it takes is a simple reframing of the mindset to realize that dental financing is the solution to helping patients with significant dental care needs.

Want to learn more about the services offered by our partners?

Take advantage of our partnerships with companies that offer services to make your life easier and make your business grow.

Save money while improving the well-being and quality of life of you and your team!

Business Coaching

Get Coaching B's valued support and advice on all aspects of employee hiring and team management

Do you have challenges hiring or retaining employees?

Employee shortage is a situation that affects many employers. Find out how to find the perfect employee and how to keep them happy and inspired to work for you.


Do you have any challenges in holding your employees accountable?

Team management is an art. Take advantage of the 21 years of experience in team management (mainly in dental clinics) of Brigitte Ouimet, PCC certified business coach.

Have peace of mind knowing that your business is in good hands at all times, even when you are away.