Your best partner

DentoPlan is a comprehensive training and support program in payment options, offered to clinics since 1999. By offering this exclusive, simple and flexible program to the patient, you give them immediate access to an optimal and complete treatment plan. In other words, we take care of their finances so that you can take care of their dental health.


Our Mission

Offer your patients and your personnel a complete turn key service simple and fun. Ease your work and treat your patients with a gift!

Our Team

Brigitte Ouimet

Brigitte Ouimet joined DentoPlan in March 2022. A business coach since 2015, certified PCC since 2021, she has more than 20 years of experience in team management, in large companies and also in dental clinics. Brigitte loves the human contact and prioritizes excellence in customer service. Always there to listen, she goes the extra mile to offer you an elite service at all times!

Louise Bélisle

Louise joined the DentoPlan program in 2002. A dental hygiene graduate, she has worked in a private office as a dental hygienist and has held the sales representative position in multiple internationally renowned dental companies. Her human qualities make her an attentive and understanding communicator who is constantly looking for the best solutions.

Alexandra Beaulieu

Alexandra has been with the Dentoplan team since May 2021. With her experience in the health industry and in customer service, she knows how to stand out through her dedication and versatility towards patients, clients and colleagues. Alexandra is recognized as being available, human, organized and efficient, which will allow her to guide you towards the best option for your financial needs.


Having worked for several years in the field of dentistry as a secretary, as an assistant and even in accounting, Sarah knows how to use her knowledge with discernment at DentoPlan. This expertise allows her to masterfully direct the clinics during training and, of course, to ensure that their experience in the company is a success. Her joy of living as well as her skill as a speaker make her essential to the company.