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"Patients need to be guided when it comes to accomplishing a treatment plan. The financing that is offered by DentoPlan is an essential step in order for them to achieve their goals when it comes to their dental projects."

Julie Théorêt
Treatment Coordinator
Michel Malboeuf Dental Center

"At the beginning, we were not comfortable presenting the financing options available to our clients. The strength of our team was to forget about our personal challenges with that topic and simply focus on the fact that we want to offer our clients the possibility of making their dental dreams come true! We appreciate the support offered by the DentoPlan team. You are always there to answer any of our questions. We thank you very much once again."

Dr. André Gilbert's team.

"DentoPlan took the lead in managing the processes associated to obtaining a loan for our customers. Their pro-active actions simplified and increased the speed at which the transactions were completed for us and our patients."

L.Chaussé dmd