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"Thanks to the DentoPlan Financing Program, I regained my confidence by having an exceptional smile and this also gave me a better quality of life."

Aline, Montreal

"When my dentist first gave me the estimate for my dental work, I had no idea on how to pay, therefore he proposed the DentoPlan Financing Program to me. The amount exceeded $5,000.00 and I was able to finance this over a ten year period. Today I am delighted to be able to bite into life. Thank you for this program."

Peter, Sherbrooke

"Thank you for the DentoPlan Financing Program. This allowed me to find my smile and to eat all I want. Without this mode of financing I would still be without a quality of life."

Suzanne, Gatineau

"The DentoPlan Financing Program allowed me to realize a dream which I had wished for a long time, to have a perfect smile. Well, due to the costs of these treatments, I kept postponing this dream until I learned about the DentoPlan Financing Program. The cordial attention and extraordinary devotion of its financial advisor, Louise Bélisle, made my dream come true. Thank you very much, Louise."

Jean-Pierre, Quebec City

"I was in need of major dental restorative treatment which was not covered by our insurance. We would not have been able to receive the care without the DentoPlan Financing Program. Thank you."

Heather, Ottawa

"DentoPlan Financing Program allowed me to get multiple dental procedures done in a timely manner. Without it, I would have had only one procedure but this low interest plan worked out to my benefit by allowing me to have multiple procedures done."

Peter, Montreal